Melissa Chudesnaya/Wonder

Freelance Make-up artist and Beauty Photographer

Melissa Wonder was born in Saratov, Russia.

Melissa was fascinated by art from a very young age. She started her artistic education at an art school to get the feeling of colors and shape, as well as drawing and painting skills.

Her makeup training began at the age of 23 at the Vladimir Kalinchev Make-up Studio, Moscow and started working with a number of established Russian photographers. In time, she collaborated on photo commercials, beauty and fashion photography.

She collaborated with world-renowned photographers like Blake Davenport, Shamayim, Margo Ermolaeva etc.

She has contributed to publications like QP Fashion Magazine, HUF Magazine USA, Elements Magazine USA, Elegance Magazine USA, Glamour Magazine Russia, Human-mag Russia, Promenade Russia.

Her expertise has been sought out for brands like Badgley Mischka, Ashton Michael, Anna Ivanova, ANDREEVA

Shows: Moscow Fashion Week (2013), New York Fashion Week (2018)

Grand Prize Winner INGLOT MUA AWARDS (2017)


Vladimir Kalinchev Make-up Studio (beauty makeup/december 2012), Ekaterina Zelenskaya (character makeup, prosthetic makeup, special makeup effects/april 2013), Ellis Faas (creamy texture/november 2013), Inglot cosmetics training (november 2013), Rose-Marie Swift (makeup for Hi-End editorial work/ New York May 2014) , Craig Lindberg (special effects for makeup for ever school/ New York May 2014)  , Roque Cozzette (fashion makeup for editorial work/ New York May 2014) , Misha Shahzada (makeup for Red Carpet/ New York May 2014), Kabuki (fashion makeup for makeup ever school/ New York May 2014), Dani Fonseca (Airbrush makeup training by leading Temptu educator/ october 2014), Darya Kholodnykh (create makeup/ may 2014), Andrey Loos (commercial makeup, trends 2014-2015/ november 2014), Ekaterina Kalishinskaya (cosmetic ingredients/ november 2014),  Anastasia Durasova (makeup for photoshoot, create makeup/ november 2014), Olga Romanova (commercial makeup/april 2015), Becca cosmetics training (november 2015), Brow Boom School (eyebrow training course/ march 2016), Henry Vasquez (glam makeup/ march 2016), Lindsey Martins for makeup for ever (no filter makeup/ march 2016), Robbie Miller for DinAir (airbrush makeup and hair/ march 2016), Alejandra Barraza for TNT agency (fashion beauty/ march 2016), Mike McCracken for cinema secrets school (beauty & special effects/ march 2016),  Xeniya Nikitina (makeup transformation/ october 2016), Andrey Drykin (fashion makeup transformation. eye makeup/ november 2016), Mykel Renner (fashion makeup. spring-summer 2017/ november 2016), Michael McCracken (advanced prosthetic makeup class/ january 2017),  Olga Fox (pure beauty/ april 2017 ), Scott Barnes (celebrity makeup/ october 2017), James Vincent (editorial makeup/ october 2017), Danessa Myricks (creamy makeup/ october 2017), Sam Chavlev (strange beauty/ october 2017),  Kevin James Bennett (in my kit/ november 2017 Los Angeles), Eugenia Weston (brow/ november 2017 Los Angeles), Varvara Tabutarova (brows are your nature, full course/ december 2017), Larisa Kharmullina (commercial makeup, celebrity makeup/ november 2018), Alena Moiseeva (editorial. beauty. creative/april 2018) .

+1(323)943-43-65 (USA)

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